Youthreach in partnership with Indag Rubber Limited has launched a community development programme in Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh. An extensive need assessment study was conducted in the area to assess the critical issues that required interventions for the overall development of the community. Post analysis Project Chetna was launched in January 2015.

Project Chetna primarily aims to promote health awareness and services to address critical health issues, provide drainage and safe drinking water facilities in the area and address the problems of open defecation and bring about behavioral changes in the area of health, hygiene and sanitation for the community.

Wash Initiatives: Toilet construction was initiated as part of the sanitation programme. 105 toilets were constructed between 2015 and 2017. Besides toilets; safe drinking water tanks were also constructed at 2 government primary schools. 2 soak pits were also constructed to tackle with the issue of drainage. In addition to this, 30 sessions for behaviour modification were conducted to encourage people to use toilets.

Health Initiatives: Diagnostic tests were conducted for 500 community members to assess the health status and identify the key health issues in the area. Based on the findings a total of 20 awareness generation sessions on issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, anaemia, skin problems, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle etc. and 7 health camps were conducted at various locations with the help of government doctors and various health workers.

Enterprise Development: To promote enterprise development and income generation a Cooperative Society for Dairy Farming has also been set up in collaboration with the Himachal Pradesh State Diary Cooperative Society.

Total Impact: A total of over 1000 people in 10 villages were impacted through Project Chetna.