lady-bamford(1)Youthreach partnered with Lady Bamford Charitable Trust (LBCT), the social arm of JCB group in the year 2012 for youth empowerment projects. LBCT which is operating in Palwal and Ballabhgarh district of Haryana approached Youthreach to provide formal training for developing soft skills and English amongst youth for its K.E.Y Project (Knowledge and Empowerment for Youth). The project focuses on enhancing the employability aspects of the students in the age group of 16-24 who have enrolled at 6 government schools and vocational centres supported by LBCT. Youthreach has conducted trainings for LBCT in June 2012, and is assisting them for programme evaluations. Regular visits are conducted to ensure the proper implementation of the program. Youthreach is also looking at future engagements with LBCT in terms of Planning for life and refresher trainings.