McCoy Silicones

In July 2021, McCoy Soudal initiated a CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme called “Pragati” with Youthreach in the Bithwana village of Rewari district. The programme aimed to promote digital literacy among rural students in Bithwana and its neighbouring villages, namely Kamalpur, Bhawadi, and Gajjiwas.

In 2022, the Pragati programme expanded its focus to include life skills training alongside digital literacy. This initiative is presently being implemented at the Government Senior School in Bithwana Village and continues to be ongoing.

The programme is now being supported by McCoy Silicones.

  • Digital Literacy Programme: Since July 2021, the Pragati Digital Literacy programme has been dedicated to delivering high-quality digital literacy education, aiming to empower students with essential 21st-century skills. To enhance its effectiveness, the programme established a formal partnership with the NIIT Foundation.

The Pragati Digital Literacy Centre currently offers a four-month Certificate Course in Active Basic IT (CCAB). Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded a certification from the NIIT Foundation, validating their achievement. To date, more than 300 students have completed their courses at the centre.

  • Life Skills Programme: The Pragati life skills programme is designed to assist rural youth and students in developing the emotional, social, and intellectual tools necessary for achieving success in various aspects of life. This includes personal growth, interpersonal relationships, community engagement, and particularly in the workplace, both in jobs and start-ups. The programme is particularly suitable for youth and students who possess skills that can benefit from refinement and incubation.

The Youthreach Life Skills Curriculum, known as “Passport to Success,” is being implemented to provide a structured training process aimed at equipping youth and students with the skills necessary for employment and entrepreneurship.

Since July 2022, we have successfully reached out to over 300 students through the programme.