umeedYouthreach has collaborated with various NGO’s working at the grass root level with an objective of reaching out to the rural population of the nation. With regard to the same, Youthreach partnered with “UMEED” an organisation based in Sangrur, Punjab providing primary healthcare and social empowerment. Taking into account the vast experience of UMEED in the field of social empowerment, the partnership was formed with an endeavour for developing strategies for intervention in order to create and develop livelihood opportunities for rural women.

As a step forward towards this initiative, Youthreach conducted a Livelihood Assessment in various blocks of Sangrur and Dhuri Districts of Punjab in October 2012. Ground level studies involving the beneficiaries were carried out by a specially formed team from Youthreach. The study involved the utilisation of both qualitative and quantitative data to map the livelihood system of the surveyed population. It included the use of an interview schedule to accumulate general information. The main aim behind the study was to analyse the existing livelihood system of rural women in the region and also to come up with various livelihood intervention strategies to address the issues related to women empowerment.